Why Amed, Bali, Will Steal Your Heart


Ditch the Seminyak frenzy and Kuta chaos. Amed offers a serene escape, where the rhythm of life beats to the gentle lull of waves and the rustle of palm leaves. Immerse yourself in authentic Balinese charm, free from the tourist pressures of other areas.

Tirta Gangga

A shimmering emerald jewel in the heart of Bali. Open your heart to its whispers, and discover a paradise where history comes alive and water dances to its own ancient rhythm.

Pura Lempuyang

A journey that transcends physical exertion and touches the soul. Open your heart to its magic, and find yourself standing at the Gates of Heaven, gazing upon a paradise that stretches beyond the horizon.

Amed's Sunset Point

A portal to a world where fiery farewells paint the sky with hope and dreams dance on the ocean breeze. Come, lose yourself in the beauty, and find yourself anew in the light that lingers long after the sun has set.


The culture in Bali is colourful and ready to be explored by the curious. Contact us so we can make sure that you don't miss anything crucial during your trip.




Bali is an amazing place to immerse yourself into a rich culture, which can surprise you with its history, monuments, celebrations and, of course, food. Contact us so we can help you organize a memorable stay at one of the most magical places on the planet.